Todays Price: 1 MSX = $220.00 USD

Worlds Growing Token

MSX value will increase weekly

The Vision

To Create Wealth for the under privileged.  To offer opportunites to the poor worldwide.  To make purchasing Cryptocurrency easier, allowing the People to control it by allowing payments through their local currency system.

Modern Luxury Home
Large Modern House with Pool
Twisted Staircase


The MysteryX Token was created for the People by the People. 


There are now many Tokens/Coins created where the admin or developers have the control and not the people.  MysteryX wanted to put the control back into the people's hands.  MysteryX Admin/Developer cannot lock you out of your Token wallet, nor can they control your Tokens like other Developers have been doing lately which in turn has minimised risk.  Only the owner of the Tokens can control their own wallets.  Transactions take up to 60 seconds and can be verified on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The price of MysteryX - MSX value will increase at $1.00 USD per week commencing on 15 December 2017.  The plan is to build a community into the 100,000s where Tokens can only be transacted peer to peer with the objective to list on Coinmarketcap and external exchanges into Q3 - Q4 of 2020 but thats only if the community is large enough to do so 

MysteryX can only be bought from those who are holding the Tokens.  A list of Trusted sellers has been added to our site below


Trusted Sellers

Uani Edwards

Can be contacted on Facebook

Agnes - Aggie

Can be contacted on Facebook

Alicia Walsh

Can be contacted on Facebook

Shelly Cullen

Can be contacted on Facebook

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